As a guild master, you must use your wits to the fullest,
Join adventurers in the endless depths of the
dungeon to win treasures!

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about wizardry

A dungeon exploration type RPG series released in the United States in 1981.
The breathtaking adventures that unfolded in a highly immersive environment attracted many users.
The game’s labyrinth exploration, party formation, monster combat, and other features had a major impact on later RPGs, and it is often referred to as the origin of RPGs.

Many titles have been released to date, and even now, more than 40 years later, it remains a timeless classic that boasts strong popularity around the world.


  • In another world far, far away …….
    The long-standing peace of the Kingdom of Moserud was broken when a group of adventurers discovered the Hole of Dudael, The long-standing peace of the Kingdom of Moserud was broken when a group of adventurers discovered “Dudael’s Hole”.

    From this unexplored region, the “Blood Crystal” a precious stone, was found, along with many ancient fragments and sacred artifacts that have existed since the age of myth,
    and sacred artifacts from mythological times, as well as the precious stone “Blood Crystal”.

  • The ancient fragments and sacred artifacts were recreated with the Blood Crystal, and the people became wealthy, On the other hand, monsters appeared one after another.

    The kingdom suffered from the attacks of the monsters, However, many adventurers flocked to the kingdom to take advantage of the treasure and Blood Crystal.

  • Then, King Okeel of the Kingdom of Mosserud asked, “What is it that you, the Adventurers’ Guild Master, want to do? King Okeel of the Kingdom of Moserud gave you, the master of the Adventurers’ Guild, a royal decree.

    “Take all the adventurers together and slay the monsters that crawl out of the pits. Your reward will be a Blood Crystal and treasures from the pit, And the title of “Wizardry,” the greatest honor in our country.

  • There are those who seek peace, those who seek riches, and those who desire glory …….

    We employ and nurture these various adventurers, Your story begins as you aim for the depths of the seemingly endless “Dudael’s Hole”.



The brave souls who challenge the Pit of Dudael are called “Adventurers.
The Adventurers are the ones who go to the Abyss and bring back the treasures and the Blood Crystal. Among the Adventurers, there are those who possess the special ability of “alchemy,” the ability to refine the Blood Crystal.
Those with this limited ability are called “adventurers (NFT).

Race and Class

  • Fighter
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Thief
  • Bishop
  • Samurai
  • Lord
  • Ninja
  • Warrior
  • Monk
  • Wizard
  • Thief
  • Priest
  • Samurai
  • Monarch
  • Ninja

The “Adventurers” are the four races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Felpurr,
and eight professions: Warrior, Monk, Wizard, Thief, Priest, Samurai, Monarch, and Ninja. Their abilities differ according to their race and occupation, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
The guild master will have to rearrange his party according to the situation.

game system

  • Aim for the abyss of "Dudael's Pit", a mysterious labyrinth shrouded in mystery, with up to 36 adventurers in a game system that combines clicker and strategy systems.

  • 【What you can get from adventure】
    By ``returning to town'' from the dungeon, you can obtain Blood Crystals and treasure chests. The deeper you reach a dungeon than your previous adventure, the more likely you are to get more results.

  • 【About strategy】
    In order to explore the dungeon toward the abyss, strategy is required to organize adventurers (NFT), improve their proficiency, and recover. Acquiring and cultivating legacy items is also essential for efficient dungeon exploration. In both cases, the guild master's intelligence will be tested.

  • 【Treasure chest, adventurer's ashes】
    Opening treasure chests is dangerous. This is because treasure chests may contain traps. Be careful of ancient traps, and failure to spot them will result in a corresponding penalty. ``Adventurer's Ashes'' may be obtained from treasure chests. If the ``Adventurer's Ashes'' can find the ``Lost Soul,'' they may be revived as adventurers and added to the guild as new companions.

A simple yet profound game that can be enjoyed forever and Challenge to create a sustainable game economy

The world will continue forever...
with Blood Crystal



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Official ambassador history

(Shimofuri Myojo)

I'm incredibly happy to become an ambassador for the legendary Wizardry series, which is said to have laid the foundation for iconic games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.
NFTs and blockchain-based games using cryptocurrencies are a hot topic in the scene right now!
Let's all support and enjoy 'Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC -' together as the entertainment of the new era!


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