Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - Derivative Work Guidelines

These guidelines have been established by Drecom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company" or "we"), which has licensed the use of Wizardry copyrighted materials to ZEAL NOVA DMCC, the publisher of the game, for the distribution of gameplay videos and still images (hereinafter, "Videos, etc.") as a means of sharing the Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - (hereinafter, the "Game") experience with other players and for Creative Activities (hereinafter referred to as "Creative Activities" and together with the distribution of videos, etc., as "Secondary Usage". In addition, data, works, etc. created because of Secondary Usage are referred to as "Creative Works".) utilizing the game, characters, worldview, etc. of this game.

All images, videos, text, programs, and other content related to this game (hereinafter, the "Contents") are the property of the Company or a third party. The Contents may not be reproduced, adapted, distributed, or uploaded to the Internet in any manner that does not comply with the terms of the Guidelines.

Article 1 (Terms of Use)

  1. You may create, sell, distribute videos, upload, or otherwise make secondary use of the Contents under the terms of these Guidelines for noncommercial purposes only (Compensation or profit significantly exceeding the level of raw material cost will be deemed as commercial purpose.)

      For instance, the following derivative works are allowed:

    • Publication of illustrations, comics, novels or the like, and production of fanzines
    • Production of cosplay costumes, publication of photos and videos
    • Distribution of game video and video posting
    • Production of original animations
    • Production of figures and other three-dimensional objects
  2. If you create a creative work using the Contents, you may post it on video-sharing sites and various social media services, and monetize it using the partner features, etc. of such video-sharing sites. In such cases, users are required to use them at their own cost and responsibility in accordance with the rules set forth by the administrators of said video sharing or social media sites. Please note that even if released with restricted access, the video is considered to be publicly available.
  3. The posting of only music or music data, or videos or other content that may be considered to be primarily for the purpose of playing or viewing music, is prohibited.

Article 2 (User Warranty)

Users shall represent and warrant that they do not and will not fall under any of the following items. If the Company determines that a User falls or is likely to fall under any of the following items, it may prohibit the secondary use of the Contents or request the deletion of your creations without prior notice or demand. In such cases, the Company shall not be obligated to disclose the reason for such action.

  1. They are or their officers (including the employees, directors, executive officers, or persons equivalent thereto, who execute business) are among the Anti-social Forces ("Boryokudan" organized crime group, member thereof, had-been-member thereof less than five (5) years ago, quasi-member thereof, "boryokudan" affiliated company or group, "sokaiya" racketeer group, group engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns or political activities, crime group specialized in intellectual crimes, right-wing group, or any other anti-social forces and persons similar to these; the same shall apply hereinafter), or interacting with or being involved with in any way with the Anti-social Forces, such as cooperating or being involved in the maintenance, operation, or management thereof through the provision of funds or other actions;
  2. Their membership registration has been refused or their account has been canceled with respect to the Game or any other services provided by the Company, or otherwise violated any contract or other agreement with the Company in the past;
  3. If the Creative Works are made public for illegal or unjust purposes, or if there is a risk that the Company's or the Game's public esteem may be degraded by allowing such public disclosure.

Article 3 (Prohibited Matters)

  1. 1. Users shall not engage in any of the following acts or acts that may lead to such acts:
    1. Violation of the laws of any country, public policy, these Guidelines, or the terms and conditions of the Game as stipulated separately by ZEAL NOVA DMCC;
    2. Criminal acts or acts that may lead to criminal acts, or acts that aid or encourage such acts;
    3. Infringement of intellectual property rights, publicity rights, privacy rights or other personal rights, ownership rights, or other property rights of the Company or any third party;
    4. Unauthorized acquisition or reprinting of the Game or Contents;
    5. Unjust discrimination or slander of the Company or any third party, or defamation of honor or credibility of the Company or the Game;
    6. Any activities conducted for a profit without the Company's approval;
    7. Causing damage to the Company or any third party;
    8. Use of the Game or Creative Works pertaining thereto that contains illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive, discriminatory, or objectionable content;
    9. Use for the purpose of religious, political or anti-social advocacy or expression;
    10. Use of the Game or creations pertaining thereto by disclosing or divulging the confidential information of the Company or any third party;
    11. Use of the creations pertaining to the Game without adding any new creativity to them as well as excessive modification of the Contents;
    12. Use of assets, music, sound, image data, etc. for which a third party holds intellectual property rights, etc. without the permission of said third party;
    13. Use of any notation or design that could be mistaken for an official or authorized creation or Content of the Game;
    14. Any other acts that the Company considers inappropriate.
  2. In the event where the Company considers that a User has violated the preceding paragraph, it may suspend or restrict the use of all or part of the Game, request the deletion of your Creative Works, or take any other action that the Company deems necessary.
  3. In the event a User violates Paragraph 1, the Company or ZEAL NOVA DMCC may request the relevant User to compensate for any and all damages (including reasonable attorney's fees) it has suffered as a result of such violation.
  4. In the event where Users wish to use the intellectual property rights or the like of third parties that are not the Contents, license must be obtained from the owners thereof, separately from the Guidelines.

Article 4 (Miscellaneous)

  1. These Guidelines shall apply not only to Japan but worldwide.
  2. Users shall settle any complaints or other disputes with any third party arising from Secondary Usage of the Contents at their own responsibility and expense and shall not cause any inconvenience to the Company. In addition, the person who uploaded the Videos, etc. shall indemnify the Company for any and all damages (including reasonable attorney's fees) incurred by the Company if the Company receives a claim or lawsuit from a third party in connection with Secondary Usage of the Contents.
  3. The contents of the Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please make sure to check the latest Guidelines when making Secondary Usage. Furthermore, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred due to the changes to the Guidelines.
  4. Please note that we will not respond to inquiries regarding whether or not a Creative Work complies with these Guidelines.
  5. Notwithstanding the contents of the Guidelines, the Company may, as it considers necessary, separately request users to stop their use of the Contents. The Company may also request the same based on requests from other rights holders.
  6. In the event where, due to collaboration events or the like, the Contents contain any characters, illustrations, music, or audio of works other than the Game, for which the rights are owned by any third party other than the Company, such contents shall not be subject to the Guidelines.

Established on October 19, 2023