"...The Dungeon of Dudael?"
Most of the time, Iarumas only shows interest when it's about the dungeon, and this is no exception. A strange rumor is spreading among the adventurers gathered at Durga's Tavern. The rumor goes that one can glimpse a different dungeon within the dungeon. Normally, Iarumas would shrug off such rumors. Now, he lightly chuckles.

"There was also a story about a thief who found an undiscovered passage between teleporters..."

"It seems that this is different from those kinds of stories."

However, it's different when the person talking about these rumors is Sezmar, one of the greatest adventurers in Scale. Sezmar is a very experienced adventurer who can easily tell the difference between a rumor that's just idle gossip and one that's not.

"Do you know about the Mocerd Kingdom or Blood Crystals?"

"I don't."

"Then, who do you think came up with the idea of the dungeon of Dudael in the first place?"


Iarumas falls silent. It's easy for him to imagine.

"Adventurers, right?"

"Yes," says Sezmar while nodding, pleased that his point came across. "There was also an adventurer on the other side of the Dungeon."

"So... Do you have any proof that they're different from us?" Iarumas asks cautiously.

After all, the dungeon is something that robs people of their sanity without them even realizing. For example, take someone who wanders endlessly in the dungeon, seeing everyone they encounter as prey and hacking and slashing at them repeatedly. Do they realize they are no different from the monsters wandering the underground dungeon? Iarumas didn't know the answer to such a question.
Probably because it wouldn't really bother him if he became like that. Sezmar laughs with a big grin on his face.

"Come on Mifune, just listen to what I have to say."

"It seems that the person who is in charge of them is the master of the Adventurer's Guild."

Iarumas's eyes open wide in shock and surprise. —How could it be the Adventurer's Guild? The look on his face is just like when he'd see someone claiming a clan. Unbelievable... Just unbelievable.

"I've never heard of such people before."


Sezmar nods deeply. He's the kind of man to always act cheerfully no matter the subject matter. After taking a big, hearty swig of beer, he wipes his mouth. Iarumas watches while gloomily scarfing down his barley porridge like usual. For him, food simply making it to his stomach was enough.

"So, what will the Guild Master give me as a reward? A rank insignia?"

"The title of master of 'Wizardry.'"

"That has to be a joke... No, it makes sense."

Those who are sent as adventurers and traverse the dungeon are called masters of Wizardry. It's a fitting title for those that become the incarnation of the endless hack and slash. After all, they are essentially the masters of the dungeon.

"What are you trying to accomplish by telling me this?"

"Come on, you know exactly what."

Sezmar folds his arms. Although no longer necessary to ask, it was customary to check the rules before conversing and coming to an agreement at a tavern.

"Shall we go?"

"Let's go."

An agreement is made.




Raraja can't help but think it unfair to be informed of these agreements after the fact. As always, Garbage is in high spirits, carrying her brand new broadsword. Raraja, on the other hand, feels immensely weighed down, as if carrying heavy baggage. Of course not just mentally, but in a physical sense as well.

"I've never seen anyone carry something like this into the dungeon..."

"Seems like a totally new place," laughs Iarumas. "A Thief's bow should be good enough."

A large crossbow is hanging from Raraja's back. When he bought it at the Cat Lob's Shop, people looked at him as if he were some new-age freak.

"I could be considered classical, but probably not renaissance."

—Well, this isn't the first time this guy's (Iarumas) said something nonsensical.
Raraja shakes away the gloomy feeling in his head. Anxiety and worry grow deep within the heart like black mold, their roots constantly outstretching. It is impossible to get rid of. That's why it's best to just think of something else when you notice it. In that sense, the dungeon makes for the perfect distraction. There's no time to think about anything else.

"Should we really be leaving the others?"

"Those two aren't strong enough."

"Besides, we have to leave the role of corpse carrier for someone."

Hearing what Iarumas just said, Sezmar, who is leading the way through the Dungeon's passage, bursts into laughter. Indeed, the party makeup is different this time around.

"Well, I got rejected by everyone when I asked if they wanted to come."

"Yeah, it would be disastrous if we were completely wiped out."

It's these sorts of things that Iarumas says that makes Raraja feel so down and unmotivated. Yet Iarumas lightly pats Raraja on the shoulder and says...

"Well, there was a time when it was normal to head out just for rescues and support..."

This is all for experience, this is all part of the adventure. Raraja resigns his fate and sighs deeply.

"Come, let us go! If you're headed to a completely unknown place, please let us know!"

Sister Ainikki, who suddenly joins in, is in a good mood with her spiked mace in hand. You never know what might happen if you keep her waiting. And besides...

"Yap! Yip!"

"I know, I know. I'm coming..."

The red-haired Garbage dives headlong into the depths of the dungeon. Better start running to catch up to her.