"Don't you think it's a bit much to just leave others behind like that?"



It is often said that if you gather six adventurers, you can dive into the Labyrinth, but if you gather three women together, you get a lively discussion.

Three young ladies are getting excited at Durga's Tavern. They are adventurers.

One is a beautiful Elf Priest and a member of the All Stars. Her name is Sarah.

Another, a Dwarf Clergy with bandages all over her body. The name Orlea is still unknown.
And the final one is a Mage of exceptional height. Belkanan possesses a dragon slaying sword that hangs from her waist.

Naturally, they catch everyone's eyes.
Belkanan does her best to keep her voice low and curls up as much as possible.
If she could, she would've slumped onto the table, but if she did that, her chest would crush the dishes, so she simply sits on a chair.

"Whatever... I'm sure they'll just come back smug and acting all grown up."

Orlea speaks sharply, puffing out her cheeks without even trying to hide her discontent.

As far as Belkanan could tell, Orlea always seems a bit harsh on Laraja.

Whenever Belkanan hears something like that, she wants to tell her to stop but simply can't.

All she can do is mumble and protest in a low voice, saying things like, "I'd be happy as long as they came back."

She also couldn't understand why Sarah smiles when seeing Orlea like this.

Orlea glances at Belkanan and scoffs.

"So... The Dungeon of Dudael, was it? Is it really possible to be connected to a place like that?"

"Yes." Belkanan nods vigorously.

"It's something I heard from an old lady."

Although Belkanan gives a vague preface, she happily continues.

Showing off one's knowledge is not something to be happy about, but it is always good when that knowledge comes in handy.

"The depths of the ruins of the old tomb... I heard that it leads to the underworld."


Her nonchalant reply betrays her gaze, which is filled with curiosity.

"Well, if you think about it, it's not uncommon for magic to connect you to another world."


Focusing away from Laraja, Belkanan enjoys talking to Orlea.

After all, she's smart. She's capable of holding a conversation about magic or anything else you could think of.

That's not something that happens in Belkanan's hometown, or even in Scale.

Her grandmother was about the only person she could remember talking to like this. To everyone else, Belkanan was a strange child that people called crazy.

—Iarumas... It always felt like some riddle...

Laraja has no knowledge of magic, and it goes without saying that Garbage doesn't either.

It's not as if she gets to speak with the All Stars often.

(Prospero would probably talk to her, but Belkanan finds him extremely intimidating.) Setting that aside.

"Legendary teleportation spells and nuclear spells aside, the 'Locktfeight' return spell is another spell for being 'here' and 'there,' right?"

"That's right. Thanks for reminding me of something unpleasant."

Sarah giggles, despite deliberately frowning.

"Orlea, you make sure to memorize this too. It's a spell that's definitely worth remembering."

"I don't want to use it, though."


Belkanan also thinks the same but doesn't say anything, only nodding in agreement.

Besides, in an emergency, the ones who will cast Locktfeight are the two in front of her.

"So, about these Blood Crystals. Do you think they'll be useful?"

"Hmm..." Belkanan frowns as the question is directed at her. "I wonder. I really do..."

As far as rumors go, the Blood Crystals are just gems until they go through a refining process.

On top of that, apparently the refining process can only be done by those with the special alchemy ability.

"Alchemy is a science that only the select few can use. Then..."

"It's not the alchemy we know?"

"It isn't...I think."

"I've appraised some, and they're definitely just gems from what I can see."

Orlea leans her small body into a chair in the tavern looking bored. She mutters, "I guess it was too good to be true."

In the end, they seem to be nothing more than rare gems.

Although they could likely be sold at high prices to collectors, there's already treasure in the Labyrinth if all they wanted was a stable income and to get rich quick.

If the connection with the Dungeon of Dudael fades, everyone will surely forget them.

"But, that's fine."

Sarah says, narrowing her eyes in amusement as she looks at the pouting Orlea.

"Leaving aside Sezmar and Iarumas, it's good that Ainikki seems to be having fun."

"Sister Aine..." Orlea frowns. "Honestly, I don't think she's a decent person."

Belkanan keeps her mouth shut. Neither of them would deny that she had helped them out greatly before.

"Well, I don't really understand Kant's doctrine either...like what the deity Kadorto's thinking."

Two major sects, two gods. A great goddess who is responsible for protecting the earth, as opposed to Kadorto, who rules over life and death.

Sarah, a devout believer of that goddess, opens her mouth with a dignified gesture that imitates Priest Tuck.

"Still, just because you're going to die someday doesn't mean you can't enjoy life until then."

It could be today, tomorrow, or the next exploration. If you're an adventurer, your life will always be surrounded by death and ash.

What's more, both Belkanan and Orlea have experienced being on the brink of death.

That coldness. What awaits in the depths? Should it not be avoided?

The two couldn't help but lock eyes.

Even if peace is to be found after crossing the threshold from which there is no return, how would one spend their time until then?

Sarah's long ears wiggle as exclaims her anger at them for leaving her.

"Besides, this is a funny situation, don't you think?"

"What are you talking about?"

Belkanan timidly curls up her large body and asks while glancing up.

"I mean, if we didn't think they were going to come back, we wouldn't be here chatting and waiting like this, right?"

Iarumas, Sezmar, Ainikki, Garbage, and Laraja.

When that fact is pointed out to Belkanan and Orlea, their expressions change.

Belkanan begins to panic and Orlea grows sullen and silent.

"I'm sure they'll be back soon. Then you can say what want to say and ask whatever you want to ask them."

"Look," Sarah says, wiggling her long ears proudly and eyeing the entrance of the tavern.

Beyond the hustle and bustle, you could hear the sound of a door opening, followed by the sound of five people's footsteps coming in.

The adventurers have returned.